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Deaf HAWAII Cruise/Deaf Group Cruise NEW YORK cruise Fla/Bahamas Caribbean DEAF Cruise/Tour/Resorts!
My name is John Riordan, I am the owner of Deaf Vacation Cruise and I am deaf Travel Agent any question 
Call me VP 
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Deaf Group Cruise Yourself & I will be a booking agent for all your and group's needs.
Ideals- Class Reunion, Large Family,  Wedding/Honeymoon, fraternity/sorority reunion,  Church group, business, Workshops, Seminars,
 or Create your own ideas and more!  Call me Vp 217-408-0485

Deaf Vacation Cruise

  Thur check into Hotel
   Fri Pearl Harbor tour & Honolulu sights tour
  Sat. 7pm     Depart Honolulu,  Hawaii
  Sun. 8am     Maui  Overnight
  Mon. Maui    Depart 1pm
  Tue. Hilo      8 - 10pm
  wed. Kona    7am - 530pm
  Thurs Kanai  8am Overnight
   Fri.  Kanai    Depart 1pm
   Sat. Arrive    Honolulu 7am
Which Future Deaf Cruise you want?Alaska Cruise
Panama Cruise
Mexico Rivera Cruise
California Coasts cruise
New England Cruise
Africa cruise
Caribbean cruise
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Pride of America
Book online or contact your group Hawaii specialist Monique Johnson 1-800-630-4401
June 23 to July 2, 2016 for 10 days